Thursday, 7 May 2015

Patchwork Paper Piecing

I have a cute little card to share with you today. The background is made from the scraps that we all know we keep....those patterns and papers that we have kept and coveted for so long, and can't bear to actually use up. Does that sounds familiar  LOL!

I am sharing how to make this over on Sarah Hurely's 365 blog today, so pop over with a cuppa if you fancy a quick tutorial.

Thanks for coming by today, see you again soon x

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Peg Stamping - part 2 (Creative Stamping magazine)

I'm back with you today to share the final two cards I current;y have featuring in the Creative Stamping magazine, issue 24, on sale now.

Creative Stamping is an amazing magazine devoted to the wonderful world of stamping.Each issue comes with a free set of stamps worth over £20. This issue features the beautiful 'In Bloom' 24-piece A4 set of stamps. 

I and my fellow contributors have filled the magazine with 64 pages of fabulous inspiration using these floral stamps.

 I have written full instructions for you on how to make these cards in the magazine feature. I'd love to share them with you here today too.

My brief was to use just the smallest images of the set, and the Peg Stamping technique, to create beautiful cards. If you have seen my previous post (Peg Stamping -part 1), you will have seen that I stamped around an aperture, so here is a variation on that theme. What I did enjoy doing when making these cards is creating a border around the edge of the layers, with just a section of a single stamp.
For example...
The borders stamped onto the pink cardstock, around both the square edge and the outside aperture edge, were created using the same stamp.

For this card I have created a floral swag. To begin I stamped the flowers and filled in the space between the blooms with leaves, much the same as a florist would work with real flowers I would guess. Again you can see that the border was created in the same way as the previous card.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, I hope that you have enjoyed what I have created. If you would like to know how I created these card, full instructions are provided in Creative Stamping magazine.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Peg Stamping -part 1 (Creative Stamping magazine)

Hi All!
I'd like to share with you today, a couple of cards that I have featured currently in the Creative Stamping magazine, issue 24. 
The magazine provides full instructions on how to make each card, along with many other inspirational ideas from all my fellow contributors, all using the beautiful 'In Bloom' 24-piece A4 FREE stamp set. For a closer look at the stamps visit the Creative Stamping magazine blog

My brief was to create a set of cards using the smallest of the images from the beautiful  'In Bloom' 24-piece stamp set  (shown above), that comes free with this issue.

It was hard to resist the temptation to use the larger stamps, I really wanted to set a beautiful spring garden scene with the wheelbarrow or the watering can. I think I will jot that down to do on my (ever growing) project list!

I thought I'd give a little insight into how each card came about, and I  started by making this 'Banner Card' first, using the stamps to create co-ordinating backgrounds on the different layers. Using a single colour these little stamps provide a fresh alternative to the favourite ditsy print.

This card uses just four small images, stamped repetitively around the aperture. I couldn't resist using that cute little snail stamp, isn't he adorable? Practise stamping on scrap paper first to get the feel of the stamps, and work out how they may fit together to create patterns.

This design was inspired by a bunch of flowers. By choosing an initial to lightly sketch onto the front of the card (I chose 'M' for Mum) I built up the floral bouquet by stamping with water based inks, allowing me to use a water brush (or paint brush) and colour tint the image with the ink it was stamped with.

I hope you have enjoyed what I have shared with you today, and thank you for taking the time to call by today.

See you again next time,

Friday, 17 April 2015

Create Memories for May - calender page

Hi there, I'm really enjoying creating this calendar, and we are nearly half way through. Admittedly I'm working a month ahead, phew....but this year is flying already isn't it!
I am sharing this layout over on Sarah Hurley's 365 blog also, so for more info on the supplies I used, head over using this link

I've used my Dad's birthday, in the middle of May as inspiration and the perfect excuse to use these camera papers that I have been holding on to for a quite a while. The colours are just gorgeous, and I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to do them justice (also beofre now I have been able to bring myself to cut into them....hehe)

I heading off to Coventry this weekend for a fun and packed weekend of learning and making, and am looking to return to you next week full of inspiration and new ideas.
Enjoy your weekend, and see you soon x


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Are you attending the Creative Exchanges Weekend

I am attending the very first Creative Exchanges Weekend, organised by the CHA-UK team. Will I see you there?

So looking forward to meetinng the inspirational speakers, Leonie and Zoe join a host of top-name speakers, including Immediate Media, Helz Cuppleditch, Maeri Howard of the Make Do Studio, Jenniffer Taylor from The Sewing Bee, Sarah Hurley and Sara Naumann, as well as Joanna Sheen, Sara Davies and Andy Skinner via video. These industry insiders will share expertise on topics such as blogging, how to get published, legal tips, introduction to copyright and pitching to craft manufacturers.


Friday, 20 March 2015

Clean and Simple - 3 more cards


Today I am showing the three remaining Clean and Simple cards that are currently featuring in issue 23 of Creative Stamping magazine.

I just had to find a way to use the pheasant stamp, I have a bit of a thing for our feathery friends (as those of you who know me well will know). The scale of this bird stamp however doesn't fit that naturally with that of the landscape. Stamping the pheasant the cream card and layering it in front of the stamped landscape image (on the blue) I think I was able to overcome the issue. The sweep of the tail gives a brilliant edge (frame) for the fields.

This card uses only three of the free stamps you get with the issue, but stamped in repetition is very effective. I had the idea that the ladybirds were wandering around the page, so stamping them first and masking the I was able to stamp the flowers in the background and gradually build up a layer of ink to create the background. Again as I had done before, this is stamped onto glossy card.

This last card is super simple with lots of white space. It can be tempting to fill up all space on the card front, but a by embossing the front panel of the card blank you are adding subtle interest. 
Who would have thought too that a blue rabbit would look so at home.....LOL! i was questioning myself (I'm a bit of a stickler for what's right), but my boys wouldn't think twice about colouring a rabbit blue...... so I didn't either, hehe!

Thank you again for stopping by. Hope you have liked what I've made.
See you again soon.


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Clean and Simple - 2 cards to share

Hello all!

Happy to share a quick post with you today, showing two of the cards recently published in issue 23 of Creative Stamping.
With each issue you will receive an A4 sheet of stamps. Using these stamps I have featured 5 cards made in the Clean and Simple style, here are two of them today.

This first card I have stamped onto a die cut heart, before using silicone gel to 3D it onto the front of the card.To finish off the card (after stamping the sentiment) I have doodled around the outside edge of the card. I am also chuffed to bits that this card was the 'Editors Choice' for this issue still makes me grin to think of that today.

I was pleased with this next card because the colours blended together so well. Just by inking us the landscape stamp in two colours I was able to add interest and dimension very simply. Also, wo help with the blending of the background colours I used glossy card and layered up the colours very gradually.

I hope you like what I have made and I look forward to share the more cards with you another day.
See you again soon